Furniture Industry

There are mainly two classes of wood used by SARB Furniture Industry. One is Solid wood and the other is Processed Wood. The Solid woods are seasoned in order it to be sturdy and aesthetically appealing, however, there are very few seasoning plants in Bangladesh and SARB is one of them is owned by SARB itself. The processed wood on the other hand needs a good lacquer/coating facility, which is also accomplished by the SARB Furniture Industry in a magnificent way.
The chief raw materials used are wood, laminated board, wrought iron furniture, and processed wood & medium density fiber wood, particle board and local bamboo. However, most of these materials are imported. Of the woods; Teak, Gamare and Hardwood come from Africa and Indonesia, while Barma teak comes from Myanmar.
The timber used in the industry is available from local forestry and import sources however, due to an increase in reforestation and government enforced protective forest zones; SARB maintains FSC matter in all the aspects of procurement.


Sarb global Furniture

Mr Shamsul Alam introduced SARB Furniture which is one of the pioneerto build the platform to sell furniture. Our company is the best interior design company in Bangladesh with experience in furniture design and manufacture for over 35 years. We are well-known in furniture industry in Bangladesh

  • Our brand is built on reliability, creativity and functional furniture for most Life Style.
  • Our brand is well known for quality craftsmanship made with quality materials.
  • We offer free advice on the design of products the customer wishes to order. Free home delivery of products in allover Bangladesh is offered.
  • A customer will find us reliable because we are known for our commitments& dedication. We have our own furniture factory at Kaptai, with a proper address and reliable personnel to contact our company. Customers are welcome in our factory to take a look at their furniture being made.
  • We are a trustworthy company where a customer is made to feel secure that they are not wasting their money instead they are making an investment in a quality product with a quality company that will last many years.
  • We are sure that you will be pleased to buy our products.
  • Our furniture are termite free at all the cases.

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