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Welcome To SARB Global
World-Wide Recruiting Agency

SARB World-Wide Recruiting Agencyis a manpower recruiting agency in Bangladesh which is established in 2016. Our office is located in the communication center of the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are registered and approved as a recruiting agent with the Ministry of Labor & manpower. We have the professionals who could supply the right candidates to meet the desired / required job specifications.

Bangladesh is blessed with huge manpower resources and our agency offers prudent approach in mobilizing both skilled and unskilled personnel from Bangladesh to meet the requirements of our clientele in the Middle-East, Egypt, and other countries.

Our Objectives
Ø To maintain a large database of CV in our website for our clients to meet their required HR solution.
Ø To provide manpower solutions in a wide range of arenas for our clients to meet their need for unskilled, semi-skilled, and highly skilled work requirements.
Ø To maintain a long term professional relationship with our fellow associates in different countries irrespective of manpower employment.
Ø We always maintain high quality while providing services and fulfilling commitments to our clients.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become the cost market leadership and differentiation in the forthcoming days and want to build-up the concrete relationship with the clients by meeting-up their demands.

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